chicken patiala recipe

Creamy Chicken Patiala Recipe: Make Chicken Curry in Restaurant Style

The kaleidoscope of Indian food Chicken Patiala stands out as an elegant masterpiece that embodies the rich flavors and vibrant customs of Punjab the country that is home to five rivers. This legendary dish has its origins deeply embedded within the fertile soils of Punjab and has transcended the regional borders to become an emblem of lavish culinary excellence and the spirit of life that characterizes Punjabi lifestyle. In addition to being an exquisite delight, Chicken Patiala is a festival of delicious food as well as the amalgamation of various spices and the intricate tapestry of Indian flavors.

Chicken Patiala: The Royal Treat From Punjab’s Heart of Punjab

The title “Chicken Patiala” conjures images that are succulent chicken pieces that are cooked in a rich and spicy gravy that is full of Punjabi spice blends like cumin garam masala and coriander. It’s a recipe that represents all the flavors of Punjabi cuisine, where strong and spicy flavors are enjoyed with passion. Each bite of Chicken Patiala carries within it the heritage of generations of Punjabi chefs who are masters at mixing spices to create meals that are a reflection of the heart.

In the core, Chicken Patiala is a feast of flavor and depth. The succulent chicken that has been slow-cooked and marinated in an intense gravy is an expression of the art of slow cooking, as well as using aromatic spices. Dairy such as yogurt or cream gives an enveloping texture to complement spice’s intensity making a delicious flavor that’s both relaxing and energizing. The intricate blend of flavors is testimony to the expertise of the chef that is required to make the perfect Chicken Patiala.

Chicken Patiala is more than just a meal It’s also a representation of the Punjabi culinary tradition as well as the warm and welcoming spirit that is a hallmark of the area. It is a reminder of an era when Punjabi celebrations were celebrated and dishes such as the one pictured above were made for guests to be awe-inspiring and fill them with food to show the hospitality and warmth of the Punjabi lifestyle.

The worldwide popularity that is Chicken Patiala is a testament to its flexibility and global fascination for Indian spice blends. It has transcended the boundaries of geography and has found its way onto dishes of Indian dining establishments and at the tables of those who love the robust and bold flavors that Punjab is known for. The appeal of Punjab lies not just in the taste, but in its capacity in transporting diners to the bustling streets of Amritsar as well as the lush field of Ludhiana and the vibrant festival in Punjab.

In an age where food fashions often emphasize mixing and innovating the Chicken Patiala is an iconic tradition. It is a testament to the idea that food isn’t a necessity. lavish ingredients or complex recipes; it just requires the ability to recognize flavors and an appreciation for the culinary traditions. Each bite of chicken Patiala lets us experience the beauty of Punjabi dishes, the richness of Indian spice, and the pleasure of eating a meal which embodies the essence of Punjab’s rich heritage in food.

Chicken Patiala Recipe

Chicken Patiala is more than just a food item It’s an entire culinary experience that celebrates culture, tradition as well as the love of all people of bold, aromatic tastes. In order to savor Chicken Patiala means to go in a culinary adventure that goes beyond borders, provides Punjab’s rich tradition of cuisine, and allows guests to indulge in a royal dining experience within the middle of Punjab.

Let us now take a look at the Chicken Patiala recipe:

chicken patiala recipe

Chicken Patiala Recipe

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine Indian
Servings 4 People


For Ginger Garlic Paste

  • 1/2 inch Ginger (peeled and sliced) adrak (chil k slicke kaatna)
  • 5 pcs Garlic Cloves Lehsun
  • 2 pcs Green Chilli Hari Mirch
  • Salt to taste

For Chicken Marination

  • Prepared Ginger-Garlic Paste adrakh lehsun ka paste
  • 900 gms Chicken ( Drumstick and thighs with bones)
  • 1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder haldi
  • 1 tsp Coriander Powder dhania
  • 11/2 tbsp Clarifies Butter Ghee

For Soaking Fenugreek Leaves

  • 1/2 tbsp Dry Fenugreek Leaves kasuri methi
  • 3 tbsp Water

For Chicken Patiala

  • 4 tbsp Clarified Butter
  • 1/2 tbsp Oil
  • 6 pcs Black PepperCorns Kali mirch k daane
  • 4 pcs Cloves Laung
  • 1 pcs Green Cardamom Elaichi
  • 1 pcs Bay Leaf Tej Patta
  • 1/2 inch Cinnamon Stick Dalchini
  • 2 pcs Onion medium sized Chopped
  • Marinated Chicken
  • Soaked Fenugreek Leaves
  • 1 pcs Tomato medium size
  • 1/2 tbsp Tender Coriander Stem dhania patta ka danta
  • 1/2 tsp Coriander Powder dhania powder
  • 1/2 tsp Degi Red Chilli Powder degi lal mirch
  • 1 cup Water
  • Salt to taste
  • 1/2 tsp Dry Fenugreek Leaves Kasuri Methi
  • 2 cups Curd Dahi
  • 2 tbsp Fresh Cream Malai


Process for Making Ginger Garlic Paste

  • Make a rough ginger-garlic paste mixing peeled and sliced ginger, garlic cloves, green chillies and salt to taste.

Process for Marination

  • In a bowl, add prepared ginger-garlic paste, chicken, degi red chilli powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, oil and mix it well.
    Keep it aside for 20-25 minutes to marinate and for further use.

Process for Soaking Fenugreek Leaves

  • In a bowl, add dry fenugreek leaves, water and stir it well.
    Keep it aside for soaking and further use.

For Making Chicken Patiala

  • In a pot, add ghee, oil, once its hot, add black pepper corns, cloves, green cardamom, bay leaf, cinnamon stick and let it splutter.
  • Add onion and saute it for 6 mints untill golden color on medium flame.
  • Add marinated chicken and saute for 2-3 mints. Add fenugreek leaves and cook it for a mints.
  • Add tomato, coriander stems, coriander powder, degi red chilli powder and mix it well.
  • Add water, salt to taste and simmer it for a while.
  • Add curd and cook it for 7-8 mints on medium flame. Now add fresh cream, dry fenugreek leaves and mix it well.
  • Transfer to a serving dish and garnish it with coriander sprig.
  • Serve hot with roti.
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